Your article on the Armenian Genocide suggests that many historians disagree whether the events of 1915 amount to genocide. This is inaccurate: most historians who have looked at the many existing facts have been very clear about the characterization of these events. There is no need to pretend that there is a debate around this issue. The only debate seems to be the fear to speak up minds for those who are worried about Turkey’s angry reaction. The Economist, unlike many other reputable magazines, such as The New York Times and The Guardian, continues to consistently avoid referring to the 1915 events as “genocide”, despite the widespread agreement among scholars about these events and recognition and condemnation by many European nations, including the European Parliament. This is disappointing for such a leading magazine. Avoiding a position on a sensitive matter is nothing less than a complacency in an effort to deny the facts. Denial of a serious crime such as genocide continues to insult those whose ancestors have gone through hell and makes reconciliation impossible.