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The First Action Plans of New European Neighbours

The European Commission approved first seven action plans under its European Neighbourhood Policy (EPN). Jordan, Israel, Moldova, Morocco, the Palestinian Authority, Tunisia and Ukraine become the first of the EU's neighbours to agree Action Plans. The Action Plans aimed to help strengthen democracy, good governance, the rule of law and human rights as well as helping with economic modernisation. The concrete benefits they contain, include the chance to participate in some EU programmes and a stake in Single Market. In addition the EU is offering more targeted help to tackle cross border issues, such as migration and trafficking, as well as improved interconnections and physical links with the EU in areas like energy and transport.

The Action Plans reflect the EU's determination "not to allow new dividing lines to grow up around the enlarged Union, but rather to export the stability and prosperity that the EU enjoys". The Plans will:

For each country, the Action Plan is an agenda for work with the EU over the next 3-
5 years. They make it possible to define more clearly priorities, and to link financial assistance more closely to the achievement of mutually agreed goals. The "tailor-made" principle means that each partner will choose how far it wants to deepen its political and economic ties with the EU. The further a partner is ready to go in taking practical steps to implement common values, the further the EU will be ready to go in strengthening links.
The Action Plans now pass to the Council for endorsement, and to the relevant

To download Action Plan click below:
the Palestinian Authority

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