Need for Domestic Violation Law
Recent survey reveals that family violations and pressure have widespread nature and actively applied in Armenia. In accordance with the observations of Armenian Women Rights Center and latest survey implemented by the Turpanjan Center unscrupulous and brutal attitude and conduct of male within family as well as vulnerability and exposure of women and children was a precondition and urge to launch discussions around adoption of Domestic Violation Law in Armenia.
According to the research results, about 66% of Armenian women suffered psychological pressure, of which 46% frequently or sometimes. Out of 74% of cases violator was a husband and 28% - mother-in-law. Approximately 27% of Armenian women suffered not-heavy/moderate physical pressure and 12% (by husband and mother-in-law) - heavy physical pressure of which 6% frequently or sometimes.
About 42% of women are frightened, 9% sought doctor’s assistance, and 6% applied to the police station, and only 1/3 divorced/left their husband.
Unanimously, about 72% of Armenian women agree with the adoption of the Domestic Violation Law and consider it as a vital prerequisite for poverty reduction in the country.