Kosovo: Unique Case or Not?

On February 17, 2008 Kosovo's parliament has unanimously endorsed a declaration of independence from Serbia. Thousands of people in Kosovo, went out of doors celebrating a historical act happened in Europe - ending a long chapter in the bloody break-up of Yugoslavia.

This became an unprecedented case that bothered and worried many countries with similar issues, in particular Azerbaijan, Russia, Georgia, Spain, etc. More than 20 countries such as USA, Turkey, most EU members recognized Kosovo as an independent country.

However, according to the Russia, it is a precedent that will lead to the resemble actions from the countries that dream to become independent. In contrast to Russia, USA has a different opinion, claiming that Kosovo's declaration of independence is "unique" and does not set a precedent for other separatist movements in Europe but Russia and other countries state that it is lie.

The move has divided EU members, with the UK, Germany, Italy and France supporting it and Spain and Romania among opponents. Belgrade withdraws its ambassadors from the countries accepted Kosovo’s independence, from Turkey, USA, and so on. Belgrade hopes that Russia put veto on Kosovo’s enter to the UN demanding from it to declare the Kosovo’s declaration illegal though UN tries to keep Kosovo’s side.