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MCA-Armenia’s Stakeholders Committee elections procedure adoption timeline

The following timeline for approval of elections procedure was adopted at the MCA-Armenia’s Stakeholders Committee latest meeting on May 25, 2007:

- The Stakeholders Committee’s working group (H. Javadyan, N. Vardanyan, A. Voskanyan) would work out the draft Procedure within the next week which would be presented to the civil society discussion and would be open for suggestions and comments (it is intended to apply all the accepted methods for organizing a large discussion on the Procedure: Email, MCA Web site forum, newspapers, other)

- The civil society will be provided with 10 working days to present their comments and suggestions;

- The amended version of the election procedure would be presented to the Stakeholders Committee and larger NGO group discussion and approval;

- Assign A. Hovsepyan to study the Compact and corresponding Agreement clauses on the SC election procedure and discuss them with the SC members.

It was decided to approve the above-suggested steps on the SC election procedure development and approval and in the near future follow the approved plan.

(Source: Minutes of MCA-Armenia SC meeting, May 25, 2007)

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