Discussions Around Draft PRSP2
Discussions and debates around draft PRSP2 were organized on 22-24 May, 2008. Representatives of PRSP Working Group and Steering Committee, Donor Community along with experts from state administration, international organizations, and NGOs took part at the meeting as well.
It was aimed at reflecting all recommendations and remarks done before regarding PRSP2 with the purpose of entering them later on the final version of PRSP2.
Discussions and debates were held by sectors: health, public administration, education, agriculture, environmental protection, urban development, business development, social protection, and macroeconomic area.

· Revision of state allocations to the most significant and secondary spheres – further discussions between RoA Ministry of Finance and RoA Ministry of Health;
· Forecast of infant mortality up to 2015 (it was also decided to present findings on 2018 and 2021 though forecast should be done by low indicators in accordance with MDG indicators) – offered by RoA Ministry of Health;
· Physical and financial access to drags in rural areas as well as necessity of revision of drags rewriting procedure - offered by RoA Ministry of Health;
· Transparency of the health care system - offered by RoA Ministry of Health;
· Evaluation of sickness and mortality cases caused by cardiovascular diseases – there is a need in quantitative research.

Public Administration
· Take into account FIFA indicators in PRSP2;
· CB will present recommendations on acquisition part;
· Civil Servant salary raise;
· Complete evaluation in finance administrative section;
· Etc.,

· Increase quality of services in Higher Institutions - proper formulation by the World Bank;
· Access to higher education for vulnerable groups – proper formulation by the World Bank;
· Reasons for absence from school;
· Insurance of access, quality, and inclusion into preschool education – Local self-government

· Clarification of employed in rural area;
· Assistance to formation of rural cooperation –will be presented by V.Soghomonyan;
· Reforms of sale of land as well as elaboration of increase of poverty line those without land - proper formulation by the World Bank;
· Clarification of employed and unemployed in the villages.

Environmental Protection
· More effective evaluation mechanisms of environment impact or creation of effective monitoring indicators;
· Revision of environmental payments system;
· Stable development strategy;
· Additional offers regarding construction in Yerevan – K.Danielyan;
· Etc.

Urban Development
Housing availability to disables;

· Program concerning assistance to small and too small enterprises – RoA Ministry of Economy;
· Recommendation of industry development;
· Privatized but inactive enterprises’ reopen and use of the land that is not cultivated – RoA Ministry of Economy;
· Etc.

Social Protection
· Revision of the family benefit formula – RoA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs;
· Revision of a benefit given at childbirth - RoA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs;
· Increase of benefits for with up to 2 years old child or revision of the system;
· Recommendation regarding regulation of the employment sector - RoA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs;
· Pension increase and installment of cumulative pension system;
· Concretize the definition of disability - RoA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, RoA Ministry of Economy.

Macroeconomic Area
· Revision of inflation, taxes collection, and expenses scenarios – additional meetings;
· Etc.