PSRP Working Group Meeting: Social Partnership Institute
On may 21, 2008 PRSP Working Group held a meeting where the Social Partnership Institute concept was on agenda. As a result, it was decided to prepare draft version of partnership agreement that should be done by PRSP Secretariat. During the next meeting on June 6, 2008 at GTZ office - recommendations regarding PRSP Social Partnership Institute mechanism were gathered those should ensure civil society participation at 1) decision-making, 2) program implementation, and 3) monitoring and evaluation activities.
Recommendations fall in the following three areas:
1. Full and active public participation at policy design
- Formation of policy committees in the ministries and lately also in local self-government as well that include representatives of PRSP Working Group’s not-governmental bodies. Creation of such committees should have a legal base.
- To insure transparency and accountability PRSP Working Group will present a report twice a year.
- Elaboration of a mechanism for effective impact on decision – making process.
2. Opportunity to participate and regulate NGOs’ participation at the implementation of projects
- Relevant legal framework of services and spheres that will be carried out either by NGOs or with their assistance.
- To facilitate creation of CSO Network in terms of providing state financial assistance for various activities and guaranteeing their continuation.
3. Increase effectiveness of monitoring and evaluation of implementing programs
- Allocation of proper means to ministries for implementation of joint actions.
- Create ad-hoc groups with representatives in rural areas for implementation of various programs.
- To form feedback groups composed of NGOs at the local level for day-to-day monitoring.

At the end it was decided to organize meeting for each sector separately.