On October 30, 2008 the Government of the Republic of Armenia adopted Sustainable Development Program (SDP) that is a renamed version of PRSP2. This was discussed and approved by the PRSP Steering Committee during the meeting held on 10 September, 2008. According to the source, due to some content and structural differences and taking into account that this program mainly deals with socio-economic issues it was decided to rename PRSP2 and entitle it as SDP.
SDP includes development strategy of Armenia up to 2021 mainly covering key results and justification of PRSP revision necessity, objectives of PRSP, alleviation of the material poverty main, regional development, social policy and development program, economic development strategy, public administration, and so forth. SDP has the following three priorities: ensure sustainable and rapid economic growth, implement the targeted social and income policies aimed at the active and vulnerable (including the poor) social groups, and modernize the country’s administration system.
Taking into account above-mentioned, it is proposed to decrease poverty level up to 14% by 2012, 10.1% by 2015, and 6.8% by 2021 instead of 6.8% poverty level in 2006. It is expected to reduce extreme poverty level to 1.6% by 2015, and to 1.2% by 2021. According to the SDP, it is expected to increase poverty threshold that will be equal to minimal consumption basket (MCB) by 2018.